Close encounters with Banff burns

Stanley Glacier
The cold, weeping wall of Mt. Stanley, with bits of blue glacier ice upper left and skyline.

Today I hiked up to the Stanley Glacier near Vermillion Pass in the Kootenay National Park, walking through the immense burn of 2003. The reason there’s still a glacier in that hanging valley is because it’s always in the shade — it was so-o-o cold. I was completely alone. Then I stopped briefly at the Marble Canyon trailhead. In 2003 we would have started there for Fay Hut, the Alpine Club of Canada’s oldest hut, but it burned in the same fire.





Burned Trunk

There was a small prescribed burn on the Trans-Canada on my way back to Banff.

When I got back, I cut a 51 x 76 inch sheet and began gessoing it. If the painting works out, it will be my biggest single work to date.

My goal is to combine the subject matter of the burn series with more philosophical and artistic contrasts. I bought a copper Christmas tree cookie cutter in the grocery store last night — and thanks to Karen Hackenberg — see that it makes a statement about our idealized perception of trees.

Still tracking down a soldering iron to try burn-drawing with it…

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