Long hours in the studio

Vermillion Pass Burn (Nov17)

Only the lights are in.

I could tell the sky was blue through the clerestory windows, but I never was out in it. I arrived before light and left long after dark.

I made lots of progress on Vermillion Pass Burn. Here is yesterday’s state. Next photo is today’s. On location I was really struck by the vastness of the fire, which jumped the road at Marble Canyon. I want to convey not only the immensity of the landscape in the Rockies, but the pincushion carpet of standing dead trees. I should point out that the piece is 30 x 41, but it seems entirely manageable compared to my other project.

After the first death, there is no other is a close-up view of the fire-scar on a tree I saw on the Stanley Glacier trail off 97A. If you look at the implied basin in the top middle portion of Vermillion Pass Burn, that’s where it is. I spent portions of the last two days gessoing both sides of this 51 x 76 sheet, and I had to get help to hang it on the wall. I can’t quite reach the top and have to climb onto a step to work on it. Luckily I know from previous experience that the first layer usually looks ugly, or I’ve had given up.

Vermillion Pass Burn (Nov18)

Finished the background rocks, and began the dead trees.

I haven’t given up on drawing with a soldering iron, either. So far the only paper that works is some very old and fragile rice paper. After several tries I realized if I adhered it to a backing I first I wouldn’t be trying to carefully lift it off to impossibly transfer it to a backing.  So I got out the giant roll of watercolor paper and glued the rice paper to a 51 x 13.5 inch strip. Heat-drawing this way will be tomorrow’s experiment.

Dinner calls, but if today is like yesterday, I’ll be back in the studio for another few hours.




After the First Death (Nov18)
Half of the first layer. None of the fire scar is in yet.

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