Other Arts, and a day not totally in the studio

I should report that one of the privileges of being here at the Banff Centre is attending events from other disciplines. On Wednesday I heard the mountain writers read from their works — which was right up my alley. And last night I heard truly world-class music from visiting artists and residents. I’m not usually a Stockhausen fan, but everything Lafayette Quartet played was mind-bending. And young Heidi Wall played a Paganini-inspired Lizt étude to perfection. A great pleasure.

Today I took an old painting, Burned Burl and tried hanging it semi-rolled. This works pretty well so long as the subject is a single trunk, might not work as well in a broader landscape. Still it might be pretty cool with giant After the First Death (photo below gives some sense of its scale).

And here is the current state of Vermillion Pass Burn. I overworked it, as usual. Maybe it will look better tomorrow morning.

I tried my third iteration of drawing with a soldering iron. I pasted the fragile rice paper to a watercolor paper backing first, and then attached scrolls of rice paper to either side. When I am done there will be sticks with burned tips poking out of the scrolls. But that may wait for a day that is not -22 degrees Celsius.

Today I resolved not to spend every moment in the studio and walked a loop around Tunnel Mountain. Spectacular.

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