Some days the bear eats you…

No, I still haven’t seen any charismatic wildlife. I spent most of the last two days painting the Kootenays in the background of my last Arches elephant sheet (30 x 41 in.) in order to “fire-draw” the foreground burn with a woodburning iron. However, I’d have to say it is only really noticeable as burned paper up close. From a distance it looks like plain old dark paint. Much as I like saying the media are “watercolor and pyrography” I’m not sure it’s worth the additional time, patience and fumes.

Kootenay Burn Dec 2

You can tell it was a really cold day!

I also tried writing with the woodburning iron, with some fairly nice results. I made a small study of a box construction with a burn photo in the back and a front scrim of burned-through letters out of vellum. This would be more compelling large when you could see through the letter shapes more easily.
Fire Writing Test

I love the little holes.

Fire Writing Diorama

A diorama where the view is through the burned out letters.

One of the reasons the Kootenay pyrography was so time-consuming is how bumpy and heavy watercolor paper is. So next up I’m going to try tea-staining some soft, unsized BFK Rives printmaking paper before drawing on it with the iron.
I’m getting a little — dare I say it — burned out!

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