Partial days off and new work

Saturday I hiked perhaps the first third of the way up Mt. Rundle, Banff’s signature peak, parking at the Bow Falls trailhead (otherwise known as the golf course). I saw no one and turned around where the trees began to thin out, the sugary unconsolidated snow was over my knees, and the trail began to cross steeper terrain. It’s still surprising to me to drive less than 5 minutes to “get to the mountains.” After this I visited the senior center bake sale ; – ) and the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.
Bow Falls

Semi-frozen Bow Falls

Mt Rundle from Bow Falls

Mt Rundle. From this side you can't see the sheer eastern wall.

On Sunday I went on a Banff Centre cross-country ski outing to Lake Louise. We visitors were outfitted with waxless classic gear, but our instructor was using the coldest green wax – something I don’t think I’ve ever used in the Pacific Northwest! It was a thrill to see the famous view of the Lake in person;  I have seen it in so many photos and paintings.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise - mind you, it's 2:30 in the afternoon and with the sun behind the peaks, it's cold!

Meanwhile back in the studio I cut a piece of soft BFK Rives printmaking paper off the roll I brought and partially stained it with old tea. (The Japanese sumi painter in the studio next to me had commented on how much more he liked the tan color of my 20-year-old rice paper than the stronger, bright white, bamboo-and-hemp paper he gave me.) I am burning a complicated Vermillion Pass burn drawing. I am still amazed at how much our brains infer topography from simple lines.
Fire Drawing from Stanley Glacier Trail Dec5

A complex burn slope with both standing timber and downed trees.


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