Open Studio afternoon

Today all the artists visited each others’ studios and  then were open to the public the rest of the afternoon. It was partial completion to watch people react to the work I’ve done (“the work is not complete without a viewer”).

I finished the burn-drawing from Vermillion Pass and presented it by creating side strips with grommets and burned stick supports. I’d like to try this one again without any shading, only lines. But many people seem to like it, including my colleague Carin Covin who said “don’t you dare cut this one up”.

And I began work on the next extra-large fire-scar close-up. I really like the idea of these two 76 x 51-inch paintings on half-round supports facing each other across an archway — or photographed outside, wrapped around an actual tree trunk.

Fire Drawing - Stanley Glacier Trail Dec 7

Fire Drawing from Stanley Glacier Trail (Dec 7)

After the First Death (Nov21)

After the First Death 76 x 51 in.

Fire Scarred Base Dec 7

Fire-scarred Base (Dec 7)




One comment on “Open Studio afternoon

  1. […] to change the name of the second large paintings from the Stanley Glacier Trail. I called it Fire-Scarred Base before, but the alliteration of Burned at the Base seems simpler and clearer. I made a lot of […]

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