Burned at the Base

I decided to change the name of the second large paintings from the Stanley Glacier Trail. I called it Fire-Scarred Base before, but the alliteration of Burned at the Base seems simpler and clearer. I made a lot of progress over the last two days, and coming back to it fresh tomorrow should tell me if it’s done.

Friday was the last of the music residents’ concerts of the year and as always it was outstanding. I heard a visiting Celtic rock-and-roll band the next night and while it was enjoyable, it was a shock to realize what complex and sublime music I had been become habituated to hearing.

Most of the thematic residents left Friday or Saturday and others are beginning to depart in dribs and drabs. It’s becoming very quiet, but also more intimate.

Burned at the Base, Dec11

Perhaps too jewel-like for the subject matter, but I love those textures. 76 x 51 inches.

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