Building a burned tree from paper

As time draws short, it seems ever-more important to keep experimenting while I have all this space. (Must be 5 times the size of my workspace at home!) I tweaked After the First Death a little, but spent most of the day on a paper construction I’m calling The Fire This Time. Alas, I don’t count it as a visual success, but I derive sufficient procedural and conceptual interest to try it again.  I want to contrast our idealized images of trees with the reality of burned ones; and of course, paper is made from trees — at least high-quality heavy paper like watercolor paper is.

I’m reminded of my friend Karen Rudd’s cedar stumps painstakingly constructed of corrugated cardboard.  I see a lot of “recursive” artwork around here — objects where the creation process recapitulates the meaning of the work in some way.

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