Last day

Yesterday I did more work on Crown of Broken Branches. It was pleasurable after a month of tight work to do confident, loose, watercolor on traditional watercolor paper — “respecting the paint” as Tom Hoffman once said I did. I jury-rigged a way to weight the curling edges to a jumble of taped-together boards, since I did not have a board big enough. I decided I did not need to paint to the edges as I usually do, and I would leave the paper as it came off the roll — uneven, an imperfect rectangle — to reinforce the aesthetic liberation I was feeling.

Crown of Broken Branches, Dec15

50 x ~36. This one will get finished at home.

But after an exit interview, the afternoon opening of our group show (see December 15), an artist talk by sound artist Gary James Joynes, and dinner with the family and remaining artists, I was completely derailed.  I’m well and done, my mind is no longer focusing on the art, it’s turned its jangling neurons to logistics, travel, and the looming holidays I’ve managed to ignore up until now.

One of my colleagues here says she’s always grumpy when she gets home from residencies. I can hypothesize some of the causes: the breakup of your newest community of committed souls, travel itself, coming home to changes  (“honey I found a better place for the toaster”), packing/unpacking, wondering what you accomplished and if it will make any difference, calls for artists to write applications for, shows that need inventories and frames, website maintenance, housework and cooking and bills, all intruding on your opportunity to really focus as you have in residence…

Luckily I have Jonelle Johnson’s weekly watermedia group as my home community to which I return.

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