My Banff residency colleague Andrew Querner has a good short interview posted on the National Post/Arts blog related to his show at the Whyte Museum in Banff. Great to see him getting this attention!

National Post | Arts

Many art careers begin in the sheltered confines of college classrooms. Not so for Andrew Querner, who started by photographing his own vertigo-testing rock-climbing expeditions. Eventually, Querner forsook carabiners for cameras, taking assignments for Time, Monocle and The Wall Street Journal. Now, with his first museum exhibition on in Banff, Alta., Querner talks to Leah Sandals about feuds, foreign aid and looking to the future.

Q  You founded your art and photo career in an unusual way: by shooting your own rock-climbing expeditions. What, if anything, do photography and rock climbing have in common?

A  They offer different things, in some ways. With climbing, you’re really in the moment. In photography, there’s a lot more pre-planning you have to do before you can get to that place of being in the moment. And climbing is a very selfish kind of pursuit, whereas I hope the photography I do in…

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