Traveling to Zion Artist-in-Residence Residence

Sept 6

To my surprise I arrived in Zion National Park at 5pm, with enough time to pick up a few groceries. I met my supervising ranger, who’s been on the job exactly one week. We’re both newbies. The house is small and comfortable. I understand most artists have used the living room as a studio – there are a number of lights and a drafting table, as well as couch, coffee table and bookshelf. I am having some trouble behaving as if it is a studio – I find the presence of carpet and living room furniture inhibiting. More so is learning to ignore the people walking by on the very nearby Grotto trail. I haven’t figured out yet when my open studio times are going to be.

Alas there is no easy Internet or cell network access. Closest is one-half mile walk away; going into town to visit the library’s free Wi-Fi takes several hours. Gloria Miller Allen told me she resented every task that took her out of the Park – laundry, groceries, post office – and now I understand. They’re precious, minutes here, and everywhere I look there are spectacular pictures to make.

Missing, an exterior view of the little house – it was the Visitor Center in the 20’s, then a museum for a long time. Even though the shuttle audio recording and the sign in the picnic area say it is a residence for artists or researchers in residence, I still get people unhappy it’s not a museum.


2 comments on “Traveling to Zion Artist-in-Residence Residence

  1. Suze Woolf says:

    Actually I’d have to guess it’s nicer than standard. It’s a historic building, has wood and tile floors, period trim, but “mod cons”. It has taken me a while to figure out to move my easel around depending on where the light is bouncing most from… It’s so bright out for part of the day that I can’t have the easel facing those windows, even though the eves are deep and at no time do any of the windows face direct sun.

  2. Sara says:

    Looks like standard issue park service housing! Hopefully you’ve moved everything around by now and fully taken over!

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