I haul myself up Angel’s Landing

Sept 7

I awoke hearing a crunch on the gravel outside my window at 4:40am, and continued sleep was not going to happen. I hiked up famous Angel’s Landing once it was light out – rapidly up the trail section, slowly up the very exposed class two final section. I wondered if my via ferrata gear would work on the chains they have here. If this was Europe, it would be cabled – and while the scrambling is easy (there are steps cut in the sandstone), they have had fatalities. Then I continued up the West Rim trail where I was completely alone within a quarter-mile of the Angel’s Landing turnoff. Two drawings done on the scene became painting sketches back at the house, once I ran town errands and recovered from the mid-day heat (~94 degrees F).

Sunrise on Angel's Landing

Sunrise on Angel’s Landing


2 comments on “I haul myself up Angel’s Landing

  1. Wendy says:

    I remember hiking Angel’s Landing and being impressed by the exposure. I recently saw it recommended as a good hike for children and was horrified!

  2. Suze Woolf says:

    In fact, there were many park rangers and two ambulances at the trailhead this afternoon (which is across the road from my little stone house residence). That no one seemed to be in a hurry and they didn’t turn on their sirens suggests nothing too serious.

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