New work, two kinds

Here are some examples of the work I have been doing. I’ve got two kinds – plein air sketches, where I carry a minimal set up and somewhere in the course of hiking, I stop for an hour or two to paint. These are blissful moments, surrounded by so much beauty it’s hard to choose which direction to face. The farther I’ve hiked the more often I’m likely to be completely alone. But even for this morning’s piece, done at a viewpoint less than 50 yards from the road, people were curious and polite.  It’s taken 5-7 of these to feel competent at the new terrain.

The other kind is studio work in the little house. The light isn’t perfect, but I have my easel, my full palette, all my brushes, and my photos. I’ve decided to do a series of 11 x 11 squares of different rock textures I see as I explore; “Six (or however many) Meditations on the Nature of Time” since geology is in some ways the star of the scene. When they are all lined up together it will be quite large.

It is an amazing privilege to be here, doing this!


3 comments on “New work, two kinds

  1. […] when one visitor, an artist herself, wanted to purchase the pebbles in the Virgin River (see New Work, Two Kinds). (I am not allowed, no doubt without a concession license, to sell work during my residency.) But […]

  2. Laurie Weckel says:

    This is thrilling stuff to see, Suze. I especially appreciated your description of the personal challenges of adjusting to an unfamiliar painting environment. Now you seem to have found your footing (literally!) and are easing into a very creative and productive routine. You go, girl!

  3. Anita says:

    These are truly gorgeous. Although I’ve admired and marveled at all of your work along the way, these explorations of light, color, rock and southwest texture really speak to me. Perhaps because I lived there long enough to soak in the aesthetic that the desert light commands. I am looking forward to your continued exploration.

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