Saw my first tarantula, crawling in the grass by the side of the Angel’s Landing trail, near the bottom. Pretty cute.  Yesterday I saw a shed snake skin, off the Kolob Terrace road.

Photo of tarantula

My first tarantula

Photo of snake skin

High-fashion former snake costume

I’m realizing I am at the half-way point of the residency, and a low-grade panic is setting in. There’s so much more to do! I’m just getting to know a few people. I haven’t painted the river yet, or the huge blind arch on Red Arch Mountain behind the house. I haven’t been hiking in Kolob Canyons or on the east side. There are so many more rock textures to collect and paint…

6 comments on “Half-way

  1. Kate says:

    I love what you are painting, and I admire your guts for doing it….


  2. Take a few deep breathes and let go of any feeling of stress or panic. The second half will be more productive than the first because there is no start up “cost” no need to get up to speed. Savor and enjoy and see how far you’ve come.

    I’ve enjoyed my vicarious journey through yours. I was especially happy when, overwhelmed by the large spaces, you focused on the small textures. I wanted to suggest it when you first struggled but thought better of it, knowing you had to have your own discovery.

  3. Laurie Weckel says:

    “For whatever you’re doing, for your creative juices, your geography’s got a hell of a lot to do with it…You really have to be in a good place, and then you have to be either on your way there or on your way from there.” Neil Young, NYTimes Magazine,Sept 23, 2012

    • Suze Woolf says:

      What a great quote from Neil Young! Thank you! The new coordinator for the park is thinking of expanding the program to include writers, musicians, performance people.

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