Hanging Up and Getting Out

Tuesday, 9/24, I finished a large burned tree painting I had brought with me unfinished. I have to work on pieces larger than 15” x 22” indoors, so I do them when the weather isn’t so good. Still it needs a few days’ rest and re-examination. The longer I work a series, the more I obsessive and tight I seem to get. Time to get back to looser plein air work! What I do on location always informs my studio work, and vice versa.

We hung 6 of the previous large trees in the Golden West Visitor Center. I’m proud to have them there, though nervous about the recently completed one that is not yet varnished.

Suze Woolf paintings at the Golden West Visitor Center

“Zion Spiral Burn,” “What Remains,” and “Stripped of its Bark” in the Golden West Visitor Center, Stehekin WA.

Now I feel I can truly present myself 😉

"North Rim Snag" and newly-exhibited "Mountaineer Creek Char"

“North Rim Snag” and newly-exhibited “Mountaineer Creek Char”

Wednesday, 9/25, we’ve had a few days of rain in the valley; when it finally cleared off snow was visible down to about the 7000-foot level. The nights are definitely colder and I’ve resorted to the baseboard heat more frequently. Many seasonal employees are getting ready to leave. Usually I love the first snowfall – hiking through golden larches with their dark trunks and the bright ground is like some kind of color inversion. Here the larches are a long walk away, but thanks to Roxanne, I’m headed off on an overnight hike. Along with everything else I have my minimal watercolor kit:

-small folding palette
-4 brushes, #1 round to 1-inch flat
-cloth water bucket
-4 clips
-one cotton rag
-an 8” x 11.5” foam core board covered in packing tape and
-8 sheets of 7.5” x 11” paper

My outdoor supplies - though this is my day hike version (2" flat and 11" x 15" board)

My outdoor supplies – though this is my day hike version (2″ flat and 11″ x 15″ board)

Wish me luck. The forecast is good, but it may not be very warm!


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