October 4: A sunny day at last

What joy! Snow in the mountains; crisp, clear air in the valley. Now the big leaf maples really are turning, and when they’re backlit, I can see barely-orange larches up on the high ridges. ~10 miles on road, trail and brush; ~1600 feet of elevation gain; one painting, five drawings, 83 photos.

Suze Woolf painting of Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan from the Rainbow Creek trail, watercolor on paper, 10″ x 15″


2 comments on “October 4: A sunny day at last

  1. Photokit says:

    I am enjoying your Stehekin Residency posts. I applied last year and will do so again. I briefly saw your demo at Zion and enjoyed your aesthetic and sense of humor and place. Kit Frost

    • Suze Woolf says:

      Thanks, good luck on your applications. It’s a unique and rewarding experience — I’ve received great artistic benefit and personal growth, and something has surprised me at every one.

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