Stehekin Re-Bound

I’ve been back in the remote valley of my 2013 North Cascades National Park residency for an exhibit of my work at the Golden West Visitor Center Gallery. It’s a treat to be here again, to take the long boat ride up Lake Chelan, reacquaint myself with the people who were so welcoming, and re-visit some of the beautiful places that inspired me. Self-evidently it’s different in the spring than the fall – bright greens instead of golds, tongues of snow still reaching down the gullies from the heights, roiling water in the rivers and creeks, fields of flowers… a few more of the burned trees have fallen over but most of the char is still iridescent. I hiked up to re-visit the “live” models for Corrugated, Knotted, Trochanter, and De-Limbed shown below. I’m happy to see some of the kids from my day in the school last year at the opening.

Photo of Suze Woolf exhibit, Stehekin Lands and Burns

Several landscape views (framed) and individual burned tree watercolor paintings at the Golden West Visitor Center Gallery in Stehekin, Washington.

Suze Woolf painting of fireweed near Stehekin WA

Fireweed above Rainbow Bridge is the work I donated to the North Cascades National Park in partial fulfillment of my term as 2013 Artist-in-Residence. It is watercolor on paper, 20.5 x 33.25 (32 x 45 framed), with singed edges.

Suze Woolf photo of arnica under burned trees

Arnica blooming — rather than fireweed going to seed — under the Rainbow Bridge burn.


2 comments on “Stehekin Re-Bound

  1. Your work is breathtaking. I was in Stehekin last summer and I’m glad I stumbled across this. I have aspirations of someday doing artistic residencies as well, so I love getting to read this and live vicariously through you!

  2. Kate Barber says:

    Really well done, Suze.

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