A Painting Day

October 15

I catch up with some of the drawings yet to be turned into paintings. Reading the log book makes me contemplate what I, as the first Kane Ranch Artist-in-Residence, will have to say two weeks from now.

Art, like the Grand Canyon Trust’s preservation/conservation/restoration is an act of faith, nonsensical to homo economicus. I do it because it brings me – and others – a pleasure of (landscape) recognition and a sense of common treasure. They are “public” lands, a theme that has come up before during my residencies.  I always have to do “the pretty stuff” first. Art depicting a place is a way of being deeply in that place. But beyond the souvenir, art can be a mirror, a goad, an encounter with important feelings and issues. What I shall paint to get at the issues here and the Trust’s work is one meditation as I walk.

And anyway, why do we respond so to vast panoramas, such as I see from this front porch? The sense of seeing farther? Fully satisfying those peripheral-vision neurons? Safety that no one can approach unperceived? Room for the new? The peace of solitude, alone with your thoughts?

Near the LeFevre Overlook

Near the LeFevre Overlook

2 comments on “A Painting Day


    Hi, Suze. I so admire what you are doing, both the painting and the inner strength that carries you fearlessly to these wide open spaces, alone. I would be totally intimidated by the experience. Take care, paint well and be safe.


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    “There is more than one way to do everything.”


  2. Arlene Tuttle says:

    Hi Suze! What a wonderful adventure you are embarked on. I especially LOVE your depiction of the Aspen Grove. Thanks for sharing this.

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