The Wave and Beyond

October 24

My hosts included me on a special-permit trip into the famous Wave formation on North Coyote Buttes. So I made my pilgrimage to that celebrated spot in the company of 3 botanists on a mapping/collecting mission. Normally it requires a reservation long in advance or a win in the previous day’s lottery to be one of the 20 people allowed in daily.

It is indeed a world-class spot—but there are so many spots even in the immediate vicinity. From The Wave we climbed up to the top of the butte to view “The Alcove,” – a wind-scooped, semi-circular, light-bounced, fluted cave with its own resident sand dune; then we went along to “Melody Arch,” – really two arches with a picture window out to the north-east. Along the way we traversed ponds full of primitive life, dried waterpockets with oceans of tiny moki marbles (spherical ironstone concretions), gnarled weathered sandstone looking like crumpled paper, and finally a short, purple, slot canyon exit.

A long day: as near as I can tell, botany is as good a rationale for wandering around looking at stuff as geology or painting ; – )

The three botanists wayfinding across Coyote Buttes

The three botanists wayfinding across Coyote Buttes

Portrait of Suze Woolf in Utah canyon, "The Wave"

The usual Wave photo

Trilobite descendent? About 1/2 to 1-inch long...

Trilobite descendent? About 1/2 to 1-inch long…

Sand Cove Slot - a short canyon in the wash below the Wave

Sand Cove Slot – a short canyon in the wash below the Wave, watercolor on paper 11″ x 15″


4 comments on “The Wave and Beyond

  1. Photokit says:

    You forgot to bring along the famous piece of driftwood that is also included in a plethora of Wave Photos. Thanks for blogging. I like to reach inside the mind of artists and see how we tick.

  2. Wendy says:

    That’s a tadpole shrimp (order Notostraca), originally from the Carboniferous and little changed since the Triassic – so yes, considered a ‘living fossil’!. Omnivores living in shallow pools; they tolerate brackish and saline waters well. But I confess I had to use Google scholarship to remember what it was.

  3. Rachel Pettit says:

    Hey Suze,

    I’m really enjoying your newsletter posts…nice writing style! Man, you sure get around…what adventures! Thanks!

    See you in Zion,


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