Suze’s Art News January 2022: a new year begins

Last month our holiday cards read “Merry Chaos and Happy Uncertainty.” Superficially we all knew Life Was Uncertain, but many more of us have come to a deeper personal realization of it, if not yet acceptance!

In this moment …
I am so proud of the Below the Bark exhibit at the Missoula Art Museum running through-Feb 26. Together with printmaker Tim Musso and painter/photographer/book artist Jim Frazer, MAM did a fabulous job displaying our widely varied works in complementary ways. We gave an online panel, together with scientist Dr. Diana Six, for the opening: Below the Bark – Panel Discussion – YouTube.

On the left below is one of Jim Frazer’s large wall-mounted “glyphs,” at the rear, one of Tim Musso’s large woodcuts, and in the foreground, 5 of my small bark beetle books in one room of the exhibit.

CoCA’s membership exhibit, Art in Pandemia, has been extended to mid-February.  It includes my 2020 burned tree portrait Seamed. Artists in the show have been giving short talks about their work. (Seattle WA)

Photo of Suze Woolf painting of burned tree
Seamed, varnished watercolor on torn paper, 51.5” H x 9.5” W (shown rotated)

Patterson Cellars tasting room in Leavenworth has a selection of small Northwest landscapes until the end of April.

Below: Pahto (Mt Adams) from Loowit (Mt St Helens) from a ski descent in May 2021

The Louisiana Art & Science Museum’s show, “Iridescence,” runs until Jul 31, 2022, and includes my painting De-Limbed shown sideways below. (Baton Rouge LA)

As an extension of the 2019-2023 touring exhibit ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT II, a solo installation of State of the Forest will be on display at the Art Museum of East Idaho in Idaho Falls February 1 – April 1 before heading to the Detroit Zoo in June to be re-united with the rest of the exhibit.

A portion of State of the Forest at the Bateman Centre, Victoria, B.C. (Raymond Ng photo)

Lucia Harrison’s Science Stories closes soon at the Collins Library at University of Puget Sound but will travel to Port Angeles Fine Arts Center March1-June 1, Whitman College August 1-December 31 (Walla Walla, WA) and Evergreen State College Library January 1-to March 1, 2023 (Olympia WA).

Left: Resource Competition (Vol. XXXIV). Right: Obligate Mutualism (Vol. XXXII)

Next moments:
A majority of my burned tree work will be in a solo private exhibitThe Magnitude of the Problem, at Aljoya Thornton Place January 31-May 15.  COVID restrictions mean no in-person reception or talk, but there may be some online activity, TBD (Seattle WA). Let me know if you want to be notified.

The Magnitude of the Problem (title work), 21.5-feet long in 7 panels.

I’m just thrilled that the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art will feature both some of my bark beetle books and burned tree work in their exhibit beginning in March, Boundless (Bainbridge Island WA).

Left: The Sky Cracks Open (Vol. XXXVI) Right: Scolytid Lifecycle (Vol. XXII)

The fabric version of The Magnitude of the Problem will be part of Fire and Ice at the Wildling Museum from April to September (Solvang CA)

Burned tree pieces will be featured at Plasteel Frames & Gallery in the Design Center in June, exact dates still being finalized. Likewise, the University of Washington Center for Urban Horticulture has bark beetle books on their calendar for June (both Seattle WA).

And even as I try to accept that it may all change, those exhibits are what is planned…
Hope to see you in-person or online in happy uncertainty!


4 comments on “Suze’s Art News January 2022: a new year begins

  1. Deb Freng says:

    As always– your work is a pensively thoughtful visual/tactile feast, thoroughly researched, marvelously concepted and executed to perfection. Thank you for such consequential, thought provoking work.

  2. annerose says:

    Congratulations on all these fine exhibits and of course the beautiful artwork. Here’s hoping things all work out one way or other

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