Willowtail Springs Residency

I have spent the last 13 days in southwest Colorado, near Mancos, at Willowtail Springs – a charming, eclectic, idiosyncratic set of high-end cabins near the La Plata Mountains and Mesa Verde, founded by Lee and Peggy Melyssa Cloy. Their off-the-beaten-path venue is both a commercial B&B (with fresh eggs and wonderful bread!) and an […]

Elevation-dependent Warming – and Alpine Fires

It may be safe to assume that no one who works in Glacier National Park denies global warming. Proof of change is so overwhelming even the casual visitor can see it. It somehow seems more intense here – though perhaps it is just more visible. But from my interview with Dan Fagre, scientists working in […]

Close encounters with Banff burns

The cold, weeping wall of Mt. Stanley, with bits of blue glacier ice upper left and skyline. Today I hiked up to the Stanley Glacier near Vermillion Pass in the Kootenay National Park, walking through the immense burn of 2003. The reason there’s still a glacier in that hanging valley is because it’s always in […]